I Have Always Been a Songwriter First!

About Patrick Dune:

Patrick Dune’s release of his new single “We’re the Lucky Ones” last fall of 2018 on Denver’s country rock radio introduced a new sound that mixed his retro rock roots with a southern flair and vibe of county music with pop hooks, and a soulful guitar vibe that he has always been known for with that anything-goes attitude of rock with his band “The Deserthearts”.

With all the twist and turns in Dune’s life personally and musically his new forth coming record is the biggest, boldest-sounding record of his career, filled with songs that stretch his boundaries of his sound to new limits.

The new record produced with long time friend and right hand man lead guitarist JP Pakalenka, uncovers a coming-of-age country rock mature sound with heartfelt rock & roll Rickenbacker guitar tones, soul-full story telling lyrics and grit  all wrapped together with hook laden songwriting skills with dynamic vocals and harmonies of a front man who’s willing to shine a light on his own milestones and mistakes.

Patrick Dune is a 12 time nominated and award winning singer, songwriter, guitarist, producer and owner of his own recording studio “DuneTunes Recording” in Littleton Colorado where he resides. Fueled by his long love of music, faith and self-salvation he was raised in humble beginnings in small town Pickering, Ontario Canada. Dune say’s “it all started with my first Rickenbacker guitar, my first Vox amp and the desire to write, play and record music which grew into a deep passion in my life for creating timeless stories in songs and sharing them all with others. “I have always been a songwriter first”.